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Why you should wait to get married

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Whether you tie the knot after knowing each other a few days shoyld several decades, marriage lesbian threesome homemade always a risk. After all, nobody wants to end up in divorce court. Researchers surveyed more than 3, people currently or previously married, asking a slew of questions about their weddings and marriages, ranging from how long they dated before getting married to how much they spent on their wedding and why you should wait to get married.

In wiat to time, they found that couples who date one to two years have a 20 percent lower chance of divorcing than couples who made things official just a year after dating. Those who waited an additional year, getting wed after three years of dating, decreased their likelihood of getting divorced by a whopping 50 percent.

Another thing that mraried your chances of living happily ever after, according to the survey, is really getting to know your partner before committing. If you are wondering how long most couples wait before getting married, science can answer that question as.

According why you should wait to get married a separate study conducted by Bridebook, the average waut spends nearly five years together before making it to the chapel, while surveys done by eHarmony and Weddington Way claim the number is closer to three years.

Another factor that people should consider before marriage is the age gap. After all40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States end up divorcing.

Are you surprised that couples who wait three years to marry are less likely to get divorced? What factors do you think are important when it comes to marriage?

How long would you wait? Leah Groth is a writer and editor currently based in Philadelphia.

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