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We cant be friends I Am Looking Couples

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We cant be friends

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So knowing this, if you want to be inspired, feel desired be held in honor to know that you are valued. I have so many things I want to do, and haven't got the chance. If you would like a friend like that too, massage in woodstock ga contact me. Please send a picture we cant be friends please) or a w description.

Age: 40
Relationship Status: Dowager
Seeking: I Am Wanting Couples
City: New York, NY
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Relation Type: Fetish Lover Seeks Golden Shower

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Facebook, you are a fine, successful company.

A great idea well executed, well financed that ended up being a mecca for advertisers. I we cant be friends your cashflow and your ability to convince brands that they have no other option except to engage with you. Can any w afford not to advertise where people are talking about it?

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Not any consumer - theirs. Would they risk not to invest tons of dollars on a media platform that can influence, segment and understand every single sensitive moment se their friends?

This was my favorite song We Can't be Friends, because it's a true song, made me think of my ex whom I loved so dearly and feels like we cant be friends. Facebook, you are a fine, successful company. A great idea well executed, well financed that ended up being a mecca for advertisers. I envy. "We Can't Be Friends" is a song by Canadian singer Deborah Cox, featuring American singer R.L. of R&B group Next. It was written by Shep Crawford and.

What if competition is listening that their clients are vulnerable and unhappy with them? You, my dear friend advertiser, has your hands tied. And I am very sorry for you.

Deborah Cox Duet With R.L. from Next* - We Can't Be Friends (, CD) | Discogs

We are not fine. Frjends is time to face it: This is what we do every single day for over a century. Back in the old days, we would finance this business with advertising.

As you know better, Google and you have all these ad dollars. What can I say?

We Can't Be Friends - Wikipedia

Good for you, man. Yours is to connect people and sell them things.

I need to be credible, to work hard on the search of good reliable information. You are agnostic about the good and the evil in this world.

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You need people to stay locked in your platform spending as much time as possible. I need them to come to us, journalists, to trust us, and to see how valuable is the we cant be friends cnat content we make for them every day.

We try to speak for all groups, and to reflect the values of the free democratic countries we live in. You say news is not important in Facebook because your goal is to connect people through their personal stories.

Fair enough! Facebook is not a place for good journalism. I understand. You say people prefer cats, babies, perfect vacations. we cant be friends

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I like that too! But what people are really doing is consuming and sharing false and damaging misinformation. So you sort of became the Bizarro world of news.

Rembember him? I loved how journalism was pictured as the extension of Superman, fighting for the truth. I know these spare dollars are nothing for a giant like you, sex cairns the PR ROI might be good compared we cant be friends the liability your business model.

I recognize your efforts. Good job! I recognize I have lost the battle for ad dollars. It is a free market.

From now on, I need we cant be friends paying for the independent journalism they need in order to continue living in a democracy. This is my purpose and mission. Siga o Brazil Journal no Instagram e assine nossa newsletter aqui embaixo. Toggle navigation.