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Tell me about the hottest night of sex you ve ever had Search Real Sex

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Tell me about the hottest night of sex you ve ever had

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Came home to a quiet house and want to spend the few hours before sunrise with an incredible female. Ready for. Yes, we'll likely head down to the lovely beaches for some rest, beach cabana time at some point, though for me, predominantly.

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Best. Sex. EVER. 27 Women Share the Details of the Hottest Sex They've Ever Had

Soon she was shimmying her shoulders and swinging her head so her hair flew from side to. Then she began to undo the buttons on her top one by one, giving me a little flash every now and. She slid off her shirt and started inching down her skirt.

I felt like a dirty teenager spying on a sexpot neighbor. I watched for as long as I could, then I raced upstairs and finished the striptease for.

On our recent two-year anniversary, after a snazzy dinner out, eve wife secretly changed into a little French-maid outfit a short black apron, a chennai college girls hot headband, a lacy bra top, plus a feather duster and surprised me in the living room.

She did the accent and bent over a lot, dusting things. Silly as it was, it turned me on big time. She told me to wait and went to get a hand mirror so she could check out the action.

I can't even begin to describe what that did to me: It showed me how into the sex she. You just can't beat.

Tell me about the hottest night of sex you ve ever had

And then, after a while, she passed the mirror to me so I could watch too -- whoa! Of course, I said yes, but I was kind of thinking, Why so formal? Then she asked if she could kiss my nipples. After that, she requested permission to undo my pants. She wondered if I'd mind if she gave rver oral sex. Before every move she made, she asked for my consent.

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I got more and more turned on with each question. Part of it was hearing what she was going to do to me next, and part of it was the idea that I was actually granting her favors, like she wanted it so badly but needed my okay.

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Share on Pinterest pinterest. Share on Reddit reddit. It feels primal, like he needs me right.

Makeout Session Be a Better Kisser. An hour of breast play gets me super in the mood, and I love the combination of cozy and naughty. He likes how excited I get, and the more excited I act, the more into it I am.

Pleasure is really fun when you just let go. The tight entry feels great, and I almost always orgasm from this position.

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The cold of the ice followed by the warmth of his tongue is an incredible sensation. Dirty Talk: The Art of Aural Sex.

We have sex, then fall asleep for a morning nap. I ended up inviting him over to my house with parents home late at night for a few hours each time about 4 times.

Amazing oral sex. He refused to stop even after I came, which was amazing, and he was extremely expressive when I went down on him. He could have orgasm after orgasm. One night we went to his place and he wrapped his belt around my neck too and just kind of women want sex Ankara humped me for a while, but holy fuck was it amazing.

Damn, I feel you. The best sex for me has been oral sex.

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Every time his tongue touched my body, I was like "oh my goodness". It was amazingffffff. My ex and I were staying in a hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright-- it was night time and nad shades for the windows which surrounded louisiana MO horney women room were open and the bed was facing them and we fucked for over an hour in what was basically a fish bowl-- anyone could have seen us from one of the taller buildings.

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My friend made me cum for the duration of the entire Fever Ray song Ths I Had a Heart-- and that was pretty goddamn epic. Husband I go on a sexcation once a year. Lots of moonshine and sex in an isolated cabin. We were in the outside hot tub naked and sipping moonshine. He's usually needing something not sure what quite and self controlled. I approached him and he was able to lose control for a bit.

Tell me about the hottest night of sex you ve ever had

We love have sex out in the open so this added to it. Plus being able to be loud we have 3 kids it's usually a top secret mission when we have sex and he had just had a vasectomy so no more condoms. We still talk about this sex session. My roommate in college and I fucked a pair of girls in our dorm room in full view of each.

Lights on.

Only time in my life I was ever having sex in a room with more than one rver person. I really wanted to swap girls but my roommate really hwd his girl and didn't want me to. The girls did kiss while we were inside them so I guess it was technically a foursome. Off and on for 10 to 12 hours of nothing but fucking and rest when needed in a hotel room when I was seeing a guy at work.

We had been building the tension for weeks with only texting - barely touching until thr first time we had sex .