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The issue has rumbled on, and now seems to have been embedded sex facebook pictures its "Abuse Standards Violations", which states that banned items include "breastfeeding photos showing other nudity, or nipple clearly exposed".

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It also bans "naked private parts" including sex facebook pictures nipple bulges and naked butt cracks" - though "male nipples are OK". The guidelines, which have been set out in full, depict a world where sex is banned but gore is acceptable.

Obvious sexual sex facebook pictures, even if "naked parts" are hidden, people "using the bathroom", and "sexual fetishes in any form" are all also banned. The company also bans slurs or racial comments "of any kind" and "support for organisations and people primarily known for violence".

Also banned is anyone sex facebook pictures shows "approval, delight, involvement etc in picturee or human torture". The page manual, which naughty girls Montgomery continually updated, is the bible for workers for oDesk who are deployed to police the posts and images that are sent to them any time somebody on the huge network clicks on a "Report" button.

The site pointed out pictuers Facebook's banning of some content - often with sexual overtones - has drawn the sex facebook pictures of users. A Facebook spokesperson said: These contractors are subject to rigorous quality controls and we have implemented several layers of safeguards to protect the data of those using sex facebook pictures service. Additionally, no user information beyond the content in question and the source of the report is shared.

We have, and will continue, to escalate the ipctures serious reports internally, and all decisions made horney mat Wolkenwehe contractors are subject to extensive audits. This document provides a snapshot in time of our standards with regards to one of those contractors, for the most up to date information please visit our Sex facebook pictures Standards page.

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