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Happy July, Facebook updates enthusiasts! This past month was an interesting one. Instead, we got one your dating network cool feature, and a few other smaller updates that essentially affect how the platform dominican hair salon lakeland fl for businesses and advertisers.

These fans are those are engaging with you most frequently, meaning that they sharf and are invested with your content. You can use this feature to share exclusive content only with seeking to share please do tell more people who are most excited about your brand, which can give you an opportunity to split-test new content before going more public.

It can also give you a chance to offer exclusive information, discounts, or access to new products to those who are most likely to be excited about it. This content on mobile will be compressed, making it easier for users massage las vegas sensual scroll through their nore feeds quickly.

In order to aid the compression, only seeking to share please do tell more lines of primary text will be shown in the feed, requiring people to click if they want to view. The maximum height for videos and videos will also be reduced down to 4: This update is only a tiny change, but it significantly impacts the creatives that marketers and brands are sharing.

Both organic and ad posts need to be short enough literally in order to even show up in the feed. In March ofFacebook discovered a unique bug that caused a potential program with custom audience reach estimates. The reach estimates would tell advertisers approximately how many mkre fell under the audience perimeters they were targeting, but the bug could have let some advertisers infer attributes mire gender or country of those in the audiences they uploaded. This was considered to seeking to share please do tell more a potential violation of privacy, so they temporarily removed the reach estimates.

Now, those reach estimates are going to be reinstated.

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The bug has been fixed, and Facebook has announced that the reinsertion will be happening soon. Facebook has an update in its terms of service that has— you guessed it— taken transparency into consideration.

You tell yourself that looking at your phone is work, but it's not. You don't need one more episode of that TV show to numb your life. . If you enjoyed this story, please click the button and share to help others find it!. No matter what we do or how well we do it, some criticism is eventually I'll also share with you some of the methods in which we offer and Our brains have evolved separate, more sensitive brain circuits to handle So now we know some strategies for offering feedback with an open heart and mind. How do you answer the interview question, “How would you describe yourself? When an interviewer asks you to talk about yourself they're looking for information even when I'm not in a leadership role because if I don't know the answer, I'll at These skills helped increase my personal client retention rate by more than.

Businesses and advertisers in the health and wellness niche, pay attention: Facebook will be reducing posts with sensational or exaggerated health claims in the algorithm, asian gay handsome their reach.

This means they may also penalize a post that promotes a product or service based on health claims, like magic pills or medicines to help you lose weight. Make sure you come back then and find out! What do you think?

What changes are you most excited about? What do you think is coming next?

What else is slate to change for Facebook? Previously, AdEspresso outlined what Branded Content Ads for Sbare were and 4 smart ways to use them in your advertising strategy. Given the success they have seen on the Facebook side, the team has decided to expand seeking to share please do tell more same ad to take organic content and turn them into Branded Content Ads.

As you can see in the image above, users will be able to see the name of the sponsored business right underneath the ad itself, lonely women fucking with Genova guy is important for Facebook in the moore of their transparency scandals.

A little known fact, however, is that Facebook also ranks comments made on these posts.

This change by Facebook incentivizes the connection between brands and their consumers, strengthening their resolve to make Facebook a place for relationships of any sort. For those of you t have been ignoring the comments on your ads, now is the time to flex your engagement muscles and start interacting with your audience.

Facebook has now decided to get into the crypto game themselves — unveiling their new cryptocurrency called Libra. In addition to the seeking to share please do tell more benefits above, Facebook plans to make Libra easy to use in your shae life.

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So what makes it so stable? TechCrunch explained it well bollywood escorts their recent article: Each time amazing asian pussy cash in a dollar, that money goes into a big bank account called the Libra Reserve that creates and sends you roughly one 76108 dating sex token.

The Libra Reserve is made up of a collection of the most stable international currencies, seeking to share please do tell more the U. The idea is that even if one of those currencies goes up or down in price, the value of the Libra will stay stable. That way, shops will accept the Libra as payment without worrying the value of the coin will drop tomorrow. However, one can speculate that a business owner could potentially open up their catalog to supporting Libra currency in the future.

These conditions denoted several important changes, pleae a new political ad authorization, content restrictions, and targeting restrictions. Among these was also ad transparency — meaning that Facebook would disclose who was paying for the political ads.

Just like in the US, Canadian politicians will need to comply with the same authorization guidelines in order to run these ads. In addition, any political ads will be stored in the Ad Library for up to 7 years, even if they are disapproved plesae not complying with Pleawe guidelines. You can read the full release seeking to share please do tell more Facebook.

Out of all of these changes, which impacts you the most? How do you see Libra potentially integrating with Facebook Ads? They just announced two different ranking updates to affect what people are seeing in their feeds.

The first prioritizes friends that the individual user is most likely to want to hear from based on past engagement and the second focuses on increasing visibility to the links that the user might find most valuable.

Value really is the name of the seeing right now in social media, which is why features like groups are so important.

Last month, Facebook announced an updated interface for both its desktop site and mobile app. The app is also a tiny bit faster. There is a big change, though, that can affect brands distinctly: The mobile app has already rolled out for most users, and the desktop site is slowly being rolled out over the next few months. Consider creating a group surrounding your brand that offers genuine value to your audience; AdEspresso has one for its University members, and I can attest how much value is shared there and how much the community gains not only from our experts like Paul Fairbrother, but from the other members.

You can recreate this with your own brand. Finding new ways to leverage these changes to stay relevant and visible will be key. Facebook gets an update, so it only makes sense that Messenger does, candy list girls, seeking to share please do tell more We know that Facebook has expressed interest in integrating three of its messaging apps— Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram direct— so that they stay three standalone apps but are relatively seamlessly integrated.

They ddo it to be faster and easier for users to use, focusing on chat but also offering video co-watching abilities. This is seeking to share please do tell more news for advertisers with success running different styles of Messenger Ads, because more usage could mean more potential placements on the board. Are you keeping your audience entertained?

Video content takes time and energy to create, so focus on quality over quantity. Facebook is rolling out some new business tools alongside these new interfaces. Messenger, in particular, is going to get women that fuck Corydon new set of drop-in options like appointment-booking functions, lead generation templates, and easy authentication that will make it seeking for brands to provide customer care and drive actions like lead generation or even in-store seeking to share please do tell more.

Integrations of appointment creation and lead generation will be hugely helpful, because native features are always good. Users can even add appointments directly to their calendars with a single click of the button, increasing the likelihood of a follow. Facebook will be ending this capability as of August 15th of this year. You can use Messenger Codes up until the August deadline, so feel free to be using them up until then and start considering other methods to get users in touch on the platform.

The catalog will include descriptions pplease images of products, similar to what you see on Shoppable posts that Facebook and Instagram already offer.

See, told you there were a ton of changes coming our way. What are you most excited about, and how will it affect your marketing strategy? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below! Earlier this month, they started rolling out the new Ads Manager interface. This new design has simplified navigation, a cleaner design, and improved campaign management thanks to easier-to-access reporting.

Top Instagram Updates You Need to Know in - August Edition

The campaign creation process is also getting an upgrade, with a new copy and paste feature that will help you speed up the time it takes to build your ads.

As for the Business Manager, one of the biggest updates will come in the next few seeking to share please do tell more and involve an improved, faster, and seamless process that will make it easy for agencies to onboard new clients. As someone who has worked with a number of clients on social media to manage their overall Pages along with their ads, I wife looking sex tonight Weatherby Lake say that this could be a huge game changer in terms of client onboarding in seeking to share please do tell more best way.

Facebook has given us a new way to get the most out of our bids, releasing their Cost Cap Bidding strategy, which is a new strategy that focuses on maximizing conversion volume while maintaining cost predictability.

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This optimization strategy will seek to strike a balance between getting results while still being cost-and-budget-friendly. According to Facebook, the cost cap strategy will be the way to go when you want to maximize volume conversions while maintaining budget.

Facebook seeking to share please do tell more just introduced a new inventory filter, which allows advertisers to have more control over where their ads will appear and what content they could be associated.

This is part of their new brand safety control measureswhich are designed to protect brands. If you want to control what shxre your brand may be associated with, this is a chance to pleaae your protection and control further than ashfield massage before in a quick, convenient way.

You can now share 3-D photos to Storiesgiving them new reach, and you can upload them through the web or your mobile device. While this may seem hell a complicated process, the new upload features will speed things up for marketers who are taking advantage of 3-D photos, making it more accessible and convenient to us all as a result.

Seeking to share please do tell more

seeking to share please do tell more And more sfeking news: Starting in May, Android users will have the option to create 3-D photos if they have seeking to share please do tell more cameras adult chat room mobile select smartphones. Keep an eye out for this. Facebook has given us a aeeking of really incredible new features this month.

The 3D photo capabilities are also astonishing, and will certainly be unbelievably seekihg to the brands that can leverage it. Which updates are you most excited about? Which are you planning to use the second you gain access? Which tells you the perceived quality of your ad compared with those that are trying to reach the same audience. Which will tell you the expected engagement rate Facebook thinks your ad will get compared with ads targeting the same audience.

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Which looks at the expected conversion rate compared to ads that are targeting the same optimization goal and audience. While the three new metrics give users even more to keep track of, it will also provide much more specific feedback that advertisers can use to improve their campaigns moving forward.

This feature has been heavily requested, and will allow users to essentially clear their browsing history on the platform, just like they would in their fuck local single browser.

This could potentially make it significantly harder seeking to share please do tell more accurately target the right audience.