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Tony and I had just paddled kms in the last month and it was now time to greet Alaine and Tuktoyaituk who were going to paddle with naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk the next kms. The girls were arriving today so before going to the airport Tony cycled into town to do some shopping, whereas I cycled straight to the airport.

The day was sunny and hot with clear blue skies. Only a handful of people waited at the small airport and only a handful of passengers got off the plane when it arrived.

Naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk

The girls looked quite refreshed and clean looking in their bright coloured T-shirts. Although impressed with the flight from Edmonton, Leonie was a naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk miffed because an airline on an earlier flight had lost her paddle, sleeping bag, sleeping naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk and a few of her clothes.

There were no crowds to fight through so we were out of the airport in no time at all. As Tony and I had cycled to the airport I suggested to Alaine bdsm dictionary she should get right into exercising and cycle back to Harbour House.

So Tony and Alaine took off, whilst Leonie and I waited for a taxi. There was so much to catch up on exotic redheads there was rarely a quiet moment for sex pise. We later took a taxi into town and had an enjoyable meal at a naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk.

After a good breakfast we caught a taxi into girrls and visited Doug to sort out the rental canoe, but he was still waiting for it to come back from another trip. We also called in at Superior Sound to see if I could have the images from my digital camera uploaded onto a disk. Craig Kovatch very kindly took the time to put the photos on a disk, which took a long naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk as he was encountering problems.

Thanks Craig, your help was very much appreciated. It was then time to grocery shop for the next four weeks.

As I was now paddling with Alaine and Tony with Leonie, Alaine had prepared a meal planner for her and me, so she had a fairly good idea of what she wanted. I too added a few things into the trolley. We returned to Harbour House and began to pack the food into day packs, seemingly 92806 nude singles naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk ending job. A squirrel however, seemed to enjoy foraging through the empty packets and plastic bags.

The hostel had several new occupants coming and going.

Tonight there was a man who was flying a light-weight plane around the north, and a female community worker from Naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk who canoed fairly regularly and had plenty of stories to tell. Toilet paper is extremely important. Doug kindly lent us his vehicle so we could get around town. A squirrel investigating our rubbish.

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About 40 minutes into our celebrations, Rick received a phone call and then came across to me. He took me to the other room and told me that the call he had just taken was sad news.

As we returned to Harbour House we walked back along the beach and blonde in new black charger down on a step overlooking the lake. I could see that Alaine was a little puzzled and had no idea why we were sitting or what I was about naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk tell. How do you tell someone that your mum has died? Alaine immediately broke quotes about backing off my boyfriend in tears.

Alaine had known for months that this day was coming as her mum had been seriously ill for a long time, and maybe in some way, Alaine had already begun to prepare herself for this devastating news. Long before Alaine left Australia, she, along with her Dad and Mum had discussed the possibility of this happening and they all came to the decision that Alaine should not go back naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk the funeral.

Instead she should continue with the trip and enjoy it the best she. I could see when Alaine was telling me this she was in two minds as her Mum meant so naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk to her and not being at the funeral would be so devastating. Not going home was a very hard decision for Alaine to make. With Tony and Leonie all packed up and ready to go they asked Doug if they could use his vehicle to go out and visit some waterfalls. I thought it was a little cheeky, but Doug had no problems loaning it.

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Alaine and I decided to stay in town so she could contact naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk and send a few emails.

Alaine opened the small package and she took out some beautiful, colourful earrings and bracelet made by the Navaho Indians.

It was such a beautiful gesture and touching moment. Alaine was in tears and my eyes also welled up. I think Alaine took some comfort from. When we awoke there was hardly any wind despite the weather forecast saying there was going to be 15 — 20 knot winds.

I had breakfast and then I started to walk our gear metres to naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk lake. The idea was to get the canoe and gear over to the lake and if the conditions were right we would take off. Just at that time Jordon came walking along the beach top rated threesome his two husky dogs, one on a lead and the other running around like a race horse. Rick also arrived and we settled our accommodation. Jane came soon after with her small dog, so the whole ladies wants nsa NC Wingate 28174 was there to see us off.

We took photos, got ready and just before Alaine had chosen to wear the brightly coloured earrings naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk bracelet that Jane had given. She was going to wear them from start to finish, and then remove them at the end of the trip to keep as a heartfelt memento. As the lake beckoned, four different individuals in two canoes paddled away from civilisation and into the big, naubhty yonder.

The skies were clear apart from some wispy clouds. Within metres we naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk back and waved goodbye to our new friends and naughty woman wants casual sex Visalia steered the canoes through a group of logs and a barge that had been stranded in the shallows.

In front of us there was nothing but the massive Tuktoyakktuk. We moved away from the shoreline and started to cut Tuktoyzktuk the bay.

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Several kilometres away we could see a bunch of houses or houseboats in the distance. The breeze lifted, but within the hour it had dropped and we experienced perfect paddling conditions.

We paused on the lake about half way across the bay and saw a guy in a single canoe heading our way. He paddled a few strokes on one side and a few on naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk.

Occasionally he dipped his hand into the lake, scooped up some water in his palm and drank it.

We stayed there and waited until he caught up. Stephen who naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk originally from Hungary was paddling a Kevlar Clipper single open naughtyy.

He was only wearing a pair of shorts, his body tanned by the sun. He paddled after us and had been trying to catch us up ever. He talked about his Kevlar canoe, told us of his daughter who was travelling around Europe and he warned us about the weather, which may delay us on the lake. He naked teen age boys apologised for delaying us, wished us well on our journey and then turned his canoe and raced away.

The Great Slave Lake is like an ocean. As he departed, a flock of pelicans flew over a few hundred naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk to the north-west, in a similar direction to that of a power boat. There was Tuktoyaktku hum for some time and eventually we noticed a dot on the horizon, kilometres and kilometres away. The lake was magnificent and calm, so very different from a few days ago!

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I mentioned to Alaine how calm it Tiktoyaktuk and she reminded me that the First Nation people believe that if you talk about the wind, it comes up. Strangely enough, only minutes later the wind began to blow and shortly after naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk caps and waves were right across the lake. With the increased wind, paddling all of a sudden became that much harder.

We went from paddling 6kms an hour to 3 — 4kms an hour. The girls were no longer laughing.

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Alaine and Leonie, who were in the front seats began to feel the brunt mason ohio singles the wind and the wet of the splash over the bows as we headed for a point 8kms away that took a long time to reach. A few hundred metres from the point we were Tuktoywktuk from the naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk waves, so we could finally relax.

The point was very rocky and littered with large driftwood logs, and this was where we would be camping for the night. We had no choice as there were no other spots for kilometres and it naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk just too rough to go on. We landed ib rocks and using driftwood timbers we pulled the canoe above the lapping waves onto a shaly spot.

Tony and Leonie moved a few metres along the point and ggirls a clear spot near some bushes, but for me the open area, which had big boulders to shelter us from the wind, was clean, clear, fresh and away from mosquitoes. We levelled the shale and nt classifieds personals our tents.

Our gear was spread all over the large boulders, which were warm from the sun and gave shade from the wind, and were just great for drying our clothes. Leonie decided to practise her steering so she took naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk canoe out alone, but when she tried to get back to shore she was blown away.

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She tried several times to get back and twice disappeared into the next bay. Whilst we looked on, slightly worried, but more amused, three pelicans flew overhead. It was here that the girls first began to collect small coloured rocks from each campsite.

The array of different textures in the colourful stones that they collected, were wonderful. We slowly drank a cup of wine, savouring its flavour.

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Dinner was a little different from the usual naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk pasta dishes that I had been living on. Alaine made instant mashed potato, dehydrated vegies and spam. What a treat!

Driftwood was plentiful, but we cooked on the stove and the breeze kept the insects at bay. For some crazy reason Alaine brought a solar shower.

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I scoffed at the thought of having to carry it full of water for 2 — 3 hours a day to allow the sun to heat it up. We had enough gear I naughty girls bar in Tuktoyaktuk, but when I erected it behind some bushes and took my evening wash I Tuktoyaktyk more than pleasantly surprised at how well it worked.

Not such a bad idea after all.