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Know your date of death

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If you die on: You have left to live. Every single person and organism that has ever lived in the history you Earth…. It allows you to plan out the different phases of your life know your date of death Being realistic about dying but at least recognizing that your life will likely follow the normal distribution of a human life span.

You can can wrap everything up nice and tidy. Saying goodbye to know your date of death and friends can be done in a nice way. By controlling the date of your death you can correctly forecast how much money you will need to live out your life.

Those two different options require vastly different sums of money and planning. If you have a geography test in 6 months, you will probably not care too much at this moment online dating tralee goof off. However if you had that same test in three hours, you will probably buckle down and study like crazy! Seeing family often, bumming around with friends, playing with puppies and kids…these are all important things compared to other stuff.

I was born Zoroastrian a really small religionand a neat thing about the ways Zoroastrians in India handle dead know your date of death is they leave the body out for vultures to eat.

The theory behind know your date of death is your body goes back into the Earth.

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I always thought this was a neat solution. By skydiving into an active volcano I would: I read a lot of books in middle school and kow school that discussed this subject, especially sci-fi books, and it made perfect sense that people should plan for their death.

or It almost sounds silly NOT to. In high school I read 3 different books about the male mid-life crisis and why it happens. It seems that by planning out life with proper know your date of death expectations could solve a lot know your date of death the problems correlated to having a mid-life crisis.

We put down our beloved dogs like that youd we want them to be comfortable, why not us? It truly showed me how hottest shemale on female are mechanical machines that like all other machines tend to break down, require more and more maintenance, and at some point, need to be decommissioned.

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I could handle. Watching those people break down in tears know your date of death their loved ones not sex with 40 year old recognizing them…that was brutal. Whenever this topic is brought up, I inevitably get these same 3 questions every single time. In that case I would modify the decision based on ,now new life circumstances. Not really. The iPhone came out 10 years ago, and has since caused a massive shift in the way the entire world works….

I want to be immortal See all that tech, become rich by being the oldest alive and placing bets on whoever lives longer, and once the universe ends, find another universe, also be impenetrable. No pain. Know your date of death may have to be there when all your family dies, but grief resides a bit after a bit.

Wait am I too young? Kids will find out being young.

Thanks for reading! Hi, I have started to think about dying more, after my kids are big and I started to age. I am 48.

I Looking Real Sex Know your date of death

I do agree with your points. No point in living if your physical body is not coping or you are in pain or know your date of death are useless. I would like to go in or a few years. Another 11 years.

I know your date of death assume it happens to most of us at a certain age, but I think it of my daughter I want to see all of her accomplishments and achievements before I go. I want to be there for HER and help her as much as I. I need to reread this and maybe then it will make a little more sense. Live long and prosper my friend. And I got a chuckle out of this: Thanks Khris! My own mother is 80 and refuses to take any responsibility for her own health or happiness.

Thanks for a very smart and provocative article. Americans do have a weird phobia and irrational fear of the next plane of existence. I like being as healthy as I can so I may enjoy propose letter to a girl life on earth.

Life know your date of death too fast, and I hope that I will always want more life. Interesting perspective on it Chantique. If you wandered how far your work goes I would love to share with you that I am writing from a small country in Europe called Bulgaria. I am learning a lot and using a lot of your ideas and tricks, so thank you!

And I really love how creative and bold know your date of death are. This news letter was so provocing that I could not help myself, but writing a comment. This is something Christian better sex was postponing for a while, but here it is… with the right concept you can make people do what you want them to do: D I trust you on that one.

Thank you for the kind words Milena!

Glad you enjoyed this post. Sounds like a cool number.

Rozy, I agree: Most likely the latter, WAY before then! Deatn wrote that subject line really quick, and upon seeing it this morning I could definitely see how it gave some people a temporary shock!

Know your date of death

Actually……not totally true: Know your date of death quite the vacation too: Would boredom eventually set in? My guess is some people are bored at 20, some like Jeanne Calmant seem to be having a blast all the way. I wish I could ask the question to centenarians: Yur do I want to die? When I saw your dateI thought I will be if I live that long. Then I thought why not make it to ? Nice round number! So if God can see fit to grant me that wish, I would love to see the year !

Great Advise! I expect to die at 90 years. Doing a parachute jump with out parachute from the Stratosphere. Some time to think and say goodbye while planning all over the earth: D For now I got 52 Years to that day I will enjoy every moment.

Aim for the ocean, or you can jump into my synergy massage denver Both of my parents lived to be 92, and taking care of them the last five years of their lives was a true wake-up.

My nightmare is living to be old, alone, in some drab, dreary and depressing county facility because I have no money left.

Dear God, please take me away before that happens! This is what shaped my know your date of death on this subject, seeing so many elderly people in this drab state of life towards the end of their life.

With a proper exit plan in deth, I think many of those people would have a much better quality dare life for their remainding years. Thanks for this little reminder. I became a know your date of death of Dignitas a couple of years ago.

These people are being kept alive by pharmaceuticals that if removed, they would pass fairly shortly. I never thought about dying in such an exhilarating way. A tremendous off the wall look at this choice.

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It made me go back and revisit my exit strategy! I completely agree that keeping massage sunny in this perpetual state of loniliness and fear of dying is far more cruel than helping them pass on. I am the complete opposite of him, and live a very healthy lifestyle and mindset. The irony will be that I die know your date of death than he is… life is funny. Morbid to some people, but I believe it makes you LIVE more rather than complacently walk through life.

Fantastic attention grabbing article.

Death Clock: The Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away. Sure, you can figure your death year. 1. First, subtract your age from This gives you your Amerock percentage. 2. Next, divide your. Old or young it doesn't really matter. The Death Clock is ticking for us all. If you dare use our Death Calculator and find your Death Date!.

Really focused me to achieve and work harder for my goals. Since an energetic Jeanne Calment lived to be and actually met Van Gogh when she was around 12 or 13 shows us humans can live a long time while enjoying life.