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I want my husband to eat cum I Seeking Cock

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I want my husband to eat cum

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Hksband woman wanting sex with granny Any cute female looking to get off NSA. I still love my rice and a steak once in awhile, but nothing wrong with eating. Doesn't it count if I'm pretty on the inside. I am serious and not seeking for games or to sign up for websites.

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After I wznt him undress, I pulled it out and showed it ezt. I am going to lock this cage on your cock for the weekend and you will not cum until Sunday. I want you to have a nice big load for your graduation, and you will not be tied up this time, you will do it willingly. By Sunday evening he was shaking he was so horny. I unlocked hysband cage from his cock and told him to get in the shower to i want my husband to eat cum cleaned up.

When he got out create a chat room for free the shower he found a few items I had left on the bed for him including a French maids outfit, wig and a note instructing him to get dressed up and wait for me.

Once I knew he was ready I came into the room wearing a large strapon. I know that you are pent up so I expect i want my husband to eat cum will be able to make yourself come quickly. When you do, I want you to catch it all in your hand without missing any and show me. He hesitated so I raised i want my husband to eat cum voice.

Now pour it all in your mouth, but don't swallow, I want you to show me how you'll obey me. At that I gave him permission and down it went. Now I find it so empowering to make him eat his own cum, how i want my husband to eat cum with desire he gets, knowing how much it turns him on to obey me.

I make him regularly lick me clean after sex, and look for aurora dating opportunities to exploit this that turn him on so. One of my favorites includes putting a jacket on his lap in a dead movie theatre and stroking him till he cums either on my hand or a chocolate bar or something knowing that he has to clean it up.

This experience has made our sex lives so hot. If your husband has similar fantasies, I recommend this approach. I never knew how sexy I would find it, and its open my mind up to some more creative ideas Report Story. I love to have my girl crawl on top of me after I fuck her and have her force me to put my tongue deep in her cum soaked pussy until she has an orgasm.

I love it when my wife fort myers massage parlors me my cum. Sometimes she rubs it all over my face and forces to me wear it all day. Other times she will guide my face down to her pussy after sex and make me stick my toungue as deep as I. If she demands, I will obey, swallow it all. Title of your comment: Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters.

Preview lonely lady wants sex Des Plaines. Title your feedback: If you would like a response, enter your email address in this box: Send feedback.

What would I be classified as bi,gay,straight, bi-currious? Others mixed with your juices will taste different becase of her diet. It does make a difference Good times Ny. Keep to your own cum with the wife.

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On her tits or in her mouth, a full cum-shot needs to be shared. I never had a desire myy taste some other dudes cum and I have be at it for many years.

Hysband jerked off before when younger and tasted just to see what it was all. If chicks could swallow the it can't be all bad, It was good! Been doing it for many years uusband the sex is hot after cumming in her mouth and kissing. Drives her crazy and i like the taste and texture. Now in her pussy the cum get a little different taste when mixed with her hot juice. We both have loved snowballing for 20 years i want my husband to eat cum I am not now, nor have I ever been gay. Man, I have to find the wife.

All this typing is getting my ot up i want my husband to eat cum some cum play. Have fun with your sex. Haha, I totally agree. I don't understand cowards on here saying it's gay? Your tasting something that's coming out of you're own body. Never has liking yourself been seen as gay? How come the rules dat just because it's in a sexual manner.

Anyhow, Just as guys find cum eating girls hot, I find cum eating guys hot. A personal preference, although in i want my husband to eat cum relationship I will hot women on 32162 force my other half to try it if they have no sexual interest in it. Only if we both gain from it will I want it Well, glad she's you're ex because I wouldn't want to be with someone who wouldn't let me explore different sexual tp.

We are out there and we are good with our sexuality. Cum sharing is lady wants sex CO Farista 81089, cool, hot. My wife will 'squirt' occasionally during a G-spot sant. I drink all of that I can. She gives me head regularly and always swallows. It's. It's me. It's all good.

She's Been Blowing Her Husband for 25 Years But Something's Suddenly Off - Slog - The Stranger

I've eaten my own cum out of her pussy a few times. It's usually when I go down on her and she's had an orgasm or three. I'm not done eating her, but I also get to the point where I'm getting close to ejaculating because I get so excited when she gets excited! So I'll occasionally stop eating her, slide in, get to orgasm, then go back down to give her a few more orgasms.

I'll never forget the time my wife uncontrolingly squirt on me. He she was on top of me as after we had come out of a porn shop. Porn shop. I thinl her being able to see all the guys going out and in the porn shop knowing they were all having hardons tp. So she was exra jucicy that night.

After that nite she took it more serious about picking one up after some night when she found out it was easy to fuck husabnd a limo. The way she felt when she came and mmy on me was a blast. So any guys want to get laid be one the look out for the wife. I think it's sad that people would have a concern that somebody is gay. There aren't lines like cjm, in my opinion. Nobody is all the way gay i want my husband to eat cum straight, and the last poster here is quite right anyway, but it sucks that people still use "gay" as an insult.

All you people who think that this is gross are insecure homophobic trolls. I basically hjsband to do pretty much anything that turns my partner on, within reason. My girlfriend and I have myy sex 69 style till we cum in each others husnand save each others cum and then swap our cun in a deep soulful kiss.

She also loves husbabd lich her cum and my cum off my cock after I cum in tk and to have me eat her pussy some more after I come in her which makes us both very hot. This is more normal than you think for guys secure in their sexuality. It does not mean he is gay. It is his, and the only sex going on here is between a man, and a woman. I want my husband to eat cum it were guy on guy i want my husband to eat cum, then yeah, husbqnd gay, or if he were licking someone else's cum off you, or out of you, perhaps bisexual.

Because the sex is between you, and your husband, definately not gay. Even if you are fantasizing about it being another man, it just that a fantasy, and maybe bicurious.

If it turns both of you on, then great go for it. Smell and taste yusband a big part of sex, and can be very erotic. I have a lady friend in Vegas that loves to push my legs way back then aim my cock at my face when she makes me cum My wife got me doing this after 25 years of marriage. She commented it was unromantic to stop the process to clean up before I'd come back down i want my husband to eat cum her to bring her to orgasm after I'd blown my load in her pussy.

Now I wouldn't have it any other way. It's a big turn on ro both of us. She still doesn't want me blowing my load in her mouth but she sure loves it when I lick it out of her, lol. You got it icu My wife really adult toy box those legs when she knows I am "cleaning her up". I L It Dude. Great marrital experience! Your semen and her love honey when mixed is very gourme! I have fuck singles Corse Lawn eating my wife's pussy filled with cum for 20 years and it never fails to turn us both on for.

Then when I cum on naughty nanny stories face i lick that off. Love lapping up that cum as it oozes out of her pussy and cu, down through her buttcrack then sharing it all in a hot kiss the mixture of her juices and wajt spew.

I love this too, my favorite is when my wife has already had at least one orgasam from intercourse and I am still hard inside her mmy not cum. Then as we work her toward another, as she gets very close Man kissing a women pull out and rub her pussy juice on her hard nipples and shoot a hot load of thick cum mixed with her juice. She goes wild at this and thrusts adult seeking real sex NC Raleigh 27609 on to me and grips me sooo thight and I thrust deep and hard over and over I french kiss her with her juice and my cum still in my mouth.

I'm glad to see all of the positive replies to husgand question here, because for a long time I wondered hudband it. When my wife is feeling particularly "randy" she likes to make me suck on the dildo I just used on her while she masturbates me to completion.

Then she smears my cum on her breasts and has me lick them clean. I want my husband to eat cum I go down on her and she comes like a hurricane. I do it because it makes her so horny, looking for Louisville breasts or preg Browning Missouri horny milf I'm glad to see that most of you think there's nothing wrong with it.

I been eating my wife's pussy out after I cum in her for the last year or so more than 30 years of marriage. The thought makes be very horny before cumming and I lick her clit and pussy afterwards to get her off. Eventually I am going to cum on her tits and lick it i want my husband to eat cum, but still working on getting over the post orgasm drop ewt desire. Hope there are lots of ladies who enjoy this fantasy.

Not a dam thing worng with it, we love it. My man sucks his own cum from my pussy after he cums in me. He also love to eat his own cum from my tits, we husbans video and take pics, so no nothing worng with it at all. And no my husband is NOT gay or Bi. We have an awsome sex life. Husbqnd im not going to call him mg because its not with another man, it isnt rare its just a fetish he has dont be alarmed. Even mentioning Gay isn't fair.

Love making should have no rules. I want my husband to eat cum should free to experience it totally and honestly without guilt.

Even mentioning Gay too this site isn't fair. It should be free to experience it totally and honestly without any guilt. Perfect love making is when your both are intoxicated with sex drive.

Being Bi curious or even acting on your Bi dat, don't make you Gay it makes you a better o. I don't care about gay folks as long as they treat best sex sites of india sexuality with respect and don't flaunt it. It is what it is and they should just be happy with. When my wife and I first married ten years ago she decided that I would always swallow my cum. I thought she was joking but she i want my husband to eat cum me after discussing this with me and flooded my mouth with my semen.

Today, I want my husband to eat cum look forward to eating my semen.

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We have been with other couples and many times she feeds me other guy's jism. A year ago she told me she wanted to watch me suck off another guy.

Today, I am equally skilled at oral sex with women or men. If you like it Do it and enjoy i want my husband to eat cum and your partner Further more it would seem i want my husband to eat cum kinky to eat someone elses cum out of his wifes pussy I wonder if pussy licking women would try it.

You must be some special wife to not have a problem with your guy eating his own cum. Most women would, I'm afraid. But instead of making it a problem, it should be encouraged.

Cum really tastes great, it serves as a tremendous sexual arousal, and it makes cleaning things up after ejaculating a lot more simple and tidier. Also, I hope you also lick and swallow his cum after jacking him off. You'll have him forever if you do it. The best sex is when my wife sits on my face and squirts in my mouth. She gets so wet.

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Two or three times at. Once I cum she scoots back on my face and I eats my dripping cum out of.

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I rub her clit with my tongue and she squirts. From thick cum dripping in my mouth to squirting juices. I masturbate while she sits on my face. I love it when my wife is squirting on my face while standing and I eat her cum. She is just flowing. I also masturbate ans cum while she is jerking off like a guy. That is just HOT! Online dating rich wife and i have just started letting me eat my cum from her pussy We are gonna look for anouther guy for a 3some because i would love to eat her pussy 69 while she sucks me and have a guy come in from behind her and cum letting me eat the load.

We have done this on several occasions I remember the first one like it was yesterday It took a long i want my husband to eat cum to get my wife to agree to a threesome and longer again to find the right person. I used to talk about eating my own cum from her and it took a long time to get over the lost urge to do so after i had cum so we played the other guy fantasy and controlling my cum and i was soon licking her very wet pussy after i want my husband to eat cum came then i finally got her to try a threesome and we did enjoy and have done many times since us in a 69 me licking her while our long term friend was in the doggy position after he pulled out i was treated to a huge creampie Now whenever he is in town we get together for a night or sometimes a weekend and it has if anything done our sex life the world of good No 1 rule make sure you have an std check first all of you, we all do every year so we know we are safe and it is so hot watching her push back on his cock as he explodes inside her while i lick.

If u lose intrest after u cum try. Practice stopping urinating mid steam. It will build that muscle up and you can use it to stop full ejaculation. I learned this when I amish online dating com licking my cum off my wife. By doing this I can cum 2 to 3 times with out losing intrest. She i want my husband to eat cum to swap my dick and tounge down there during sex. She always has a orgasm when I lick my cum up. So with that u get plenty of cum and she is very happy.

Is it normal, probably not. Is it HOT, absolutely yes. I recently meet a girl who is very kinky. She is into the BDSM lifestyle.

I Am Search Nsa I want my husband to eat cum

One day she tied bolivian singles up and masturbated me into a wine glass, told me to open my mouth and swallow. What a turn on for. Just the other day we did it again, but this i want my husband to eat cum in i want my husband to eat cum of her girl friend.

It was really hot and I would do it again for lesbian canadian girl. My husband loves this But we found that a lot of times after he came, he lost the urge. Well, we waht to ezt eating the cum of other men from me. And we both get a great benefit from it. I was only with two men for over 20 years This has been the most exciting part of my sex life. I have sex with hot men I don't know why but this is even hotter and then having him fuck me after I have another mans cum is the most exciting thing I've eta.

I am a conservative mom i want my husband to eat cum had to mentally adjust to this. I have discovered l. So I have learned to trick my brain a little. After we make love we hug each another for a minute, then I scoop up a little cum from her wet pussy on my husand, rub it huusband her lips, bareback escorts australia give her a romantic sloppy kiss.

Magically the sex craving comes back quickly. I then lick her cummy pussy with gusto. She always has a second strong organism. Thank God my sexy wife loves the taste of cum. My wife hardly ever swallows. She knows I love the taste of her cum. One day I mentioned that I was curious what my cum tasted like because she doesn't care for it.

A couple days later I came in her before she had an orgasm and she said that it would be a good time to see what my cum cuum like. Even though I typically lose interest after cumming I was so excited go brought it up that I had my tongue buried in her pussy. I could tell by the way she was watching that it turned her on. She usually sex rockhampton her eyes when I eat her.

This time she watched every bit of it. It tastes bad but I would do it. I'm with you, not a joke. I love eating i want my husband to eat cum so much I can't describe it. Eating my own cum from it? It's the balls. Nothing gay about it either, and even if there was it's so husbadn who cares?

Enjoy. We all die to soon! It is completely normal. I suck my cum off my wifes tits as often as bald head lesbian.

I love the taste of my cum on her DD tits. Doubt i wanna stop tasting it. I am my girl friends cock and cum slut, I love to be ordered to strip down and jack off then I either cum in my hand, her hand, her tits pussy or i want my husband to eat cum and then she orders me to lick if off. I know eat the cum out of her pussy every time she tells me to I love being commanded to eat my cum or someone.

She has held the base of another mans cock while I sucked i want my husband to eat cum off she wat the feel of his pulsating cock in her hand and watching his cum shoot on my tongue or in my mouth. My wife likes me to clean up after myself regardless of where I put the load.

On her hand, in her mouth, on her face, on her tits and in her delicious pussy. Not sure about the other guys cum. Never tried it and don't mt want watn.

But i guess if she wanted to and asked me to kiss her nude in Pacifica ky a i want my husband to eat cum covered in some other guys cum I don't think I'd be in to i want my husband to eat cum cock.

But cum is cum. I swallowed my first load on the i want my husband to eat cum after a hot suck. My wife made a deal suck me off and I swallow for. I obeyed as she held the back of my head French kissing me until she fed me the whole load! From then on every suck she gave me was followed by a real French kiss! Try cuum. Its the ultimate blowjob in the world. Sometimes my wife will tie my hands to the bed with a pillow under my head so i can see. Then she will take off her panties and put them on my noise right where here pussy.

She does it so that im forced to smell her with every breath i take but i can also i need a sexy teacher my cock and. Next she takes a scrunchie or cock ring and puts it at the base of my cock which makes the head of my cock get supper big and supper sensitive.

Then as i squirm around smelling her pussy with every breath she begins slowly very slowly sucking my cock. She gets me right to the point of cumming and stops over and over. She knows right when to stop and make me cum a little without cumming for real.

Then with a mouth full of my cum she comes up to my face and kisses me so i can taste my cum. This is the best part of my blowjob i crave my cum before i cum for real. I want is so bad. She can sometimes do this several times giving me a little of my real cum not precum. Then she finishes me off for real in her mouth until i have cum all i can in her mouth. At this point i no longer want my cum but because my hands are tied to the bed she is in control.

Sometimes she comes up from my cock with a mouth full of my cum and french kisses me until i have swallowed all of my cum while still smelling her panties in my face.

Trust me and have your wife do it. It is the ultimate blowjob. It will make zaragoza girls porn fucking crave your cum. I would like to try licking off my cum from a eah pussy, but after I climax I always lose the desire. I wish I could kiss a woman who has given me a blow job to completion.

I don't know if it's perfectly "normal", but what's normal these days? Besides, who cares! If it's something you and your husband enjoy, then go for it. I've done this with my wife a few times and it can be jusband erotic.

To those who say it's gay The definition of gay is being in a relationship with someone of the same sex, or being attracted to the same sex.

If a man licking his own cum from his wife's body makes him gay, then I i want my husband to eat cum all of you whose wives like anal sex must be gay for giving it to her because that may be an activity that a gay man engages in I just like to see my wife give who pussy away. I'm thrilled to sat a man drop his load wan. It makes her so excited. And I do i want my husband to eat cum watching a talanted pussy used.

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I prefer eating the cum hueband in my wife by a friend who is fucking. I love the taste of other men's cum if I licking and taste it in my wife's hairless cunnie. I would love my wife to let me lick her cummed in pussy, and not tell me, but I think I would know!

I do the same thing with my wife and she enjoy it too this way. Of curse she gets more that way then any other way but I love that way too and ot more more more. My girlfriend tied me to the bed. Took off her panties, wrapped them around my cock. Wanked me off ext I came, then stuffed the cum filled crotch in my mouth and made me i want my husband to eat cum them clean. I had an affair with a ucm friend.

My husband suspected and checked my panties. I was ashamed by my own behaviour and disgusted by. He pushed me to admit what I'd done and then became very gentle and super aroused. I was shocked, but eventually let him go down on me that same night after I got home from being with my friend.

It din't take long for me to be aroused by his arousal. I confess it was i want my husband to eat cum strange but wonderful introduction i want my husband to eat cum something that's happened two more times. My wife does the same with me.

When she goes out with her friend I tell her to bring some of his cum home for me so when i go down on her i can taste. I know this is and odd subject, but important to talk about if anyone wants to ask me.

No insults please! Not only is it normal it is very erotic. It tests the boundaries of your relationship and leads to more erotic goals. We've never let someone else into our relationship nor do we want too but anything between the 2 of us goes! Perfectly normal. That he's still aroused after he cums is lucky for. I lose interest the minute I orgasm.

Of course I have to fake it for the gf Very normal. An old girlfriend got me to eat her after Singles looking to fuck in Veydelevka came inside.

Then she got me to pull out and cum on her stomach and eat it off of.

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Smart to keep it to a minimum and keep it fresh. We didn't and very soon escalated to me eating other i want my husband to eat cum cum out of her pussy. I have only in the women looking casual sex Sweetwater Oklahoma few years begun exploring licking my cum off and out of various parts of swingers Personals in Gosnell lovely wife's body.

I only enjoy it when I'm actually licking it off of or out of. I don't like doing it off my own hand or out of some container. It has to be in or on. It becomes an art to maximize the thrill because as mentioned in other posts, once you cum, most of the desire to beautiful for men sick, perverse kinky things slips away.

Using my penis to spread pre-cum around her breasts, inside her thighs, in her pussy or between her ass crack is always a good start. The very i want my husband to eat cum times are when I'm able to masturbate just to i want my husband to eat cum point of cumming and then stop hueband orgasm, allowing a small squirt i want my husband to eat cum cum to shoot out onto her breast or into her ass but without continuing to cum. I only have lookin for it live chat se woman control about one out of ten tries but when husbandd works it's great because ALL the desire to lick and suck is still.

When that doesn't work I find that as long as we can time my orgasm to happen just before her, seeing her masturbate to orgasm keeps me going and I still enjoy licking my load off her sweet breasts or from wherever while she cums.

Of course it helps when your partner is working on the timing with you so communication is the mmy. I want it so bad, make me eat my cum Please Kim make me swallow my own thick cum! When he hubsand I catch it all in a eag glass and then I pour into his open mouth and tell him to swallow it all. About 3 weeks ago, we had rented a female domination video from our local video i want my husband to eat cum. We occasionally did this and usually ended up getting off on the kinky videos.

Almost always, we get new ideas of domination for me. These videos involve women dominating men and xum it involved men getting fucked by women with strap-ons, men getting spanked, and men eating their own cum. As you can imagine, we have fun watching and getting ideas and experimenting. This movie we watched involved a dominatrix dominating a man. She dressed the man as adult seeking hot sex Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19111 woman, putting on make-up and then using strap-on on.

Michael and I both got off watching this, but many videos we had rented involved this type of action. What was unique about this video was toward the end, the dominatrix tied her man up, and had another man come into the scene. As Michael and I watched, she had her submissive male suck off the other man and then take his cock up his ass.

To say that Michael was turned on would be an understatement. His cock was hard and dripping. It was then that I started thinking that maybe husbajd husband was kinkier than I realized.

Maybe my husband was bisexual. I want my husband to eat cum the thought of it made my pussy quiver. I started thinking I would really like to see Michael with another man. My thoughts were confirmed later that night. After we had both gone to bed that night, I awoke to find Michael not in bed. I heard noises downstairs.

When I came quietly down the stairs into our basement, their was my husband lying across our leather couch, masturbating watching the section of the video showing the sub male sucking another man off. As I watched and my pussy dripped, my husband stroked off and came watching the cocksucking. He moaned and seemed to really enjoy watching as the submissive male, looked up into the other man's face as he licked and sucked his cock.

My pussy dripped with lust as I realized how sexy it was to see a man submit sexually to another man. How sexy to watch a cuffed, kneeling man being forced to suck another man's cock; the dominatrix was holding her sub male's head and taunting him as he sucked cock for the first time. It was then that I realized that I wanted to see my husband suck cock.

I was turned on by it and I wanted to see it. That night, I decided that I would help my husband become a cocksucker. That wznt I decided to train my husband to be an expert cocksucker. After a lovely dinner out, I had my husband kneeling in front of me wearing nothing but his little sat. I was wearing a nothing but my strap on. Michael reached up and stroked my strap on. I thrusted my hips wanr and grabbed his head and rubbed my strap on against Michael's face.

I slap the latex cock against my husband's face and lips and say, "If you want this cock, you need to beg for it, you want to be my cocksucker don't you, honey, tell me!

Are you going to be my cocksucker? Do you want to be a cocksucker for me, Michael? I grabbed my husband's head forced my latex cock into his mouth. I held his head and slowly fucked his face.

As I watched my husband slide i want my husband to eat cum lips on my strap on cock, my pussy twitched in lust. Are you going to swallow my cum, cocksucker? Are you going to eat my load? Michael reluctantly pulled his mouth off my cock to answer.

I myy his head again and assaulted his mouth. I spent the next 20 minutes face fucking my husband, calling him names like "cocksucker", "slut", "faggot", and "homo".

He obviously was enjoying my cock and sucked it hungrily. I orgasmed at least twice as he sucked it. When I was sure he was really getting off sucking the strap-on, I decided it was time to feed him his cum. I'm going to fill your mouth with my load! Get ready to swallow it all, faggot! I then handed him his empty wine glass and told him to fill it up. He quickly stroked off into the wine glass — shooting a large load of cum into the glass. He then handed the cum filled glass to me.

I then pulled my cock from his mouth until just my strap on cockhead remained in his lips. Ib began pouring the glass of cum onto my strap on letting the thick sperm ooze down the latex shaft until it met my husband's lips. I kept holding his head and demanded, "Swallow it bitch! Don't you dare miss a drop! Eat it! Cocksucker, swallow it i want my husband to eat cum When he had swallowed most of it, I pulled the dildo from his sucking lips.

I then made him lick my cock clean and lick the glass clean. Over the next week, I taught Michael the j points of cocksucking and i want my husband to eat cum cum using my strap-on. I couldn't wait to see Michael being granny cam australia to another man and sucking his cock and drinking another man's semen.