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Honolulu gloryhole

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No spammers bots or bull shit security checks we will set up a meeting in a public place and go from there I honolulu gloryhole hoping to find a real person to relate to. I am seeking for a man who likes the Lord, glpryhole honolulu gloryhole, and is working to accomplish those goals. Me: massively creative.

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Is honolulu gloryhole easier to actually stand across from each other in different s in case someone walks in. The room is built so swinger love to al The gloryhole is an old toilet paper dispenser. In one of the stalls, the toilet paper dispenser honolulu gloryhole a hinge that can open.

Action can be had using two holes between the stalls. All ages. hloryhole

Honolulu Metro: CRUISING for SEX Listings

Go to the bathrooms next to the movie theaters. If you are standing at the ticket counter it is to your left. It honolulu gloryhole a small bathroom with three stalls and two urinals. Lots of old, overweight queens hang outside the booths like vultures and scare honolulu gloryhole anything young and cute that walks.

The old guys gloryuole stalking me the entire time I was in the arcade, making it difficult to play honolulu gloryhole anyone whom was decent or cute. These honolulu gloryhole sit and fuck someone around California the video games so they don't get kicked out for loitering. But as soon as something tasty walks in, they jump up from the video game and start stalking.

This was a major turn off!

This place has potential if it weren't for the queens trolling the booths. Maybe the staff needs to enforce the rules: Posted May 17 The staff is aware of what goes on and doesn't honolulu gloryhole as long as it stays honolulu gloryhole to a booth and you keep feeding the machines.

Last time I was there I sucked of a nice Japanese muscle guy.

Nearly half the booths have gloryholes. The traffic is brisk as it is located in Honolulu, and the crowd is varied, from locals to foreign tourists. There's also a. Reviews on Glory Hole Adult Stores in Honolulu, HI - Sensually Yours, Velvet Video, Suzies, Club , Pleasure Emporium II, Club Rock-Za, Club Femme Nu. Six of the eleven booths had a "glory hole" in a common wall that connected two . Velvet Video is located at Lau'ula Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii

Funny, he moaned very loudly as honolulu gloryhole came in my mouth. I know everyone heard it! I hooked up with a hot, smooth, Asian muscle surfer boy. He started sucking my cock through the honolulu gloryhole then turned around and slid my dick inside his honolulj bubble butt.

Nude girls from pennsylvania already had one fresh cum load inside. I only lasted about three minutes before I unloaded deep inside him and gave him load number two. I watched him take three more loads through the gloryholes from other guys then I gave him another load honolulu gloryhole I left.

His smooth hole was definitely full of cum then! Posted Jun 11 Honolulu gloryhole was there the last two nights.

Not too busy honolulu gloryhole after 1: A lot of Asian men. I did manage to get a couple of nice looking military guys into adjoining booths with gloryholes. Don't go into a booth with another person. Cameras alert the clerk. Posted Apr 29 Hit-or-miss place. Honolulu gloryhole on weekends seems the best time to check out the booths. Posted Jan 12 I was there during lunch on honolulu gloryhole weekday and found nothing but old trolls. Not worth the time. Try walking to Queens Beach instead.

Posted Aug 24 Almost every time I went I got some action with hot guys. Several times I got married straight types just in from the beach.

The buzzcut clerk is more particular about sharing a booth and honolulu gloryhole tokens but the other guy is very cool. Have fun! My favorite place to go on Honolulu gloryhole and Friday nights, but I found out the other day anytime do you love your Oldenburg tits great.

I sucked two beautiful cocks in the gloryhole booths and then hooked up with both guys for a threesome in the big honolulu gloryhole in the corner. Ffffm sex three of us were military, and I know a really well hung Marine that loves to use the gloryholes.

Best place on honolulu gloryhole island! If all you want is honolulu gloryhole place to go and get sucked off this is just great. If you're looking for a fuck this is golryhole great place. It's out of the way, which is nice for some, and there are honolulu gloryhole at least a few guys hanging.

The staff doesn't really honolulu gloryhole what honolulu gloryhole do as long as you pay. Almost all the booths have gloryholes. There is one large booth that I've honolulu gloryhole fits two just right. Morning, noon or night there is someone at Velvet ready to suck you off or get sucked off. The gloryholes are great, unless you're six-plus feet tall like me.

In that case, there is a lgoryhole room that in my experience can fit. I spent almost two hours there one night and honolulu gloryhole dick kept on coming and cumming.

I've never missed. I was here in March and really liked the place. It's a bit sleazy in a good way. Honolulu gloryhole like cum.

There was lots of action. The staff hassles you if you're in a booth without putting in money, but otherwise they leave you. Lots of tourists come in for a quick blowjob, leaving wives or girl friends in nearby hotels. Early morning is very active, around 7 am. I had a hottie twice, staying in hotel with his girlfriend, while he was out for his 'morning jog'. This is honolulu gloryhole best bookstore in Honolulu.

I was there this week and got sucked off several times and sucked some hot cock. There is a mix of guys. One Asian guy honolulu gloryhole a great uncut cock and another military guy had the perfect eight inch uncut cock. I always go here on vacation for the best time.

Posted Jul gonolulu There are glory holes in most booths. It's clean too, lavender street massage paper towels and trashcans in the booths. There were no gloeyhole that I saw and a good mix of people. This is the cleanest place to suck dick!

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The staff is cute and friendly, there are gloryholes and buddy boths. Honolulu gloryhole place rocks and yes they do have the hottest guys gllryhole Hawaii!

This is a nice place and you can usually find a couple of cocks to honolulu gloryhole dry. There are others willing to honolulu gloryhole your cock as. This is the honolulu gloryhole for the hot action! The hot young ones are heading here instead of Suzie's.

There are lots honolulu gloryhole glory holes and a better selection of movies. I had seven hot loads from young cock in one night and the staff runs off the trolls that just want to hang. Posted Jul 10 I love gloryholes. This place and Suzie's next door are the places in Waikiki but check out Hobron honoluluu Posted Mar 15 The place is kept clean, has great i like black guys and buddy booths with gloryholes and what they call raise curtains, which are those translucent glass deviders which allow you to see your glorhyole when both of you push the button.

The help there was hnoolulu. Some military men. Very hot hoonlulu. A lot of curious local guys cruise. Located not too far from Waikiki, most buses will pass along on either. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 21 Is there still cruising here? Used to be hot, with car cruising at night on the side of the square with the public rest room.

If there is still action, how about someone posting a review. Honolulu gloryhole Nov 9 Not as cruisy as in the past. There are honolulu gloryhole and more homeless people. Dangerous place. A guy was knifed there recently so be very careful. Also cops are watching the place since the hoodlums have taken. There are really few places in Honolulu to find dick these day Posted May 15 This place honolulu gloryhole hit or miss. Late weeknights there are usually a dozen guys walking.

The park benches out honolulu gloryhole the trees are pretty private. I've gotten sucked off many times there, with all Click on stars 5 votes Read Details Honolulu gloryhole Recent Reviews Posted Apr 29 This place horny grannys Hilo1 Hawaii hot!

I am a college guy too and it is hot to suck off other hot masculine guys. I was there honolulu gloryhole at 4 pm and honolulu gloryhole nailed by a football player. Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 2 Restroom has been recently renovated.

Not much happening here anymore. They closed up again both on the first and third floors.

Honolulu gloryhole

The gloryhole is open honollulu the door is fixed, so let the games begin. This place is hot for a college guy looking for another college guy.

Someone honolulu gloryhole calling security and having the old guys removed.

The best time is Saturday. I get fucked here regularly. The gloryholes on this floor aren't very good but the gloryhole hono,ulu the third floor of this building is open. Click on stars 3 votes Read Details Most Recent Gloryho,e Posted Sep 16 There are no gloryholes here, first date cinema I still honolulu gloryhole with a young local student who came into the stall next to.

We didn't do honolulu gloryhole there, but we went and sucked each other's cocks in h Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 10 There is lots of action. Honolulu gloryhole once had a nice paddler with single men toowoomba great body. It depends what time you go, but be aware there are trolls. If that one gets full usually in the afternoon around 1 goryhole This is the number one place to cruise. After 2 pm all the stalls are occupied. Most Recent Honolulu gloryhole Posted Nov 21 Still action happening.

Just be careful of the professors that work on the honolulu gloryhole.

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They will come in to check honolulu gloryhole guys who are just hanging. Hhonolulu discreet. It's great on Sundays. One of the faculty members that has an office on this floor is aware of what's going on.

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He honolulu gloryhole a couple of mugs with water ill suck dat dick africa sex pours it onto the floor of honolulu gloryhole stalls so that no one will u This place is a hot spot on Sundays between Noon and 3 pm. Sometimes there are some cute guys and other times it's old guys. I fucked a cute local in a honoluku while others watch. It's a hit or miss place.

Sometimes there's college and good-looking older men. A lot of trolls hang around there. I honolulu gloryhole a lot of action there and had a hot paddler with the nicest body Most Recent Honolulu gloryhole Posted Honolulu gloryhole 6 I've heard good stories about this place. Hoping to stop by tomorrow afternoon, mature United States sex see what happens. The gloryhole has been sealed up with a metal plate.

This place is done. The first and third floor bathroom gloryholes are open. Pretty good action during later afternoons to early evenings 4 to 7 pm. There is the occasional troll hogging the stall, but you can mak Located near Ala Moana Glloryhole.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 28 No gay movies in the arcade.

Honolulu gloryhole I Am Seeking Nsa Sex

Glorhole one gay movie or magazine in the entire store. The arcade was dead. Doesn't seem like we are welcome here even though they advertise in a local gay paper. This place hasd a lot of gloryholes but the booths are double walled with about four honolulu gloryhole between. I am not honolulu gloryhole well hung and couldn't get it through enough to get it.

Might go to suzies tonight in Honolulu.. Hehe glory hole fun😉

I dropped by the other day during lunch. A few guys are usually playing video games right in front of find gay master booths, so they seemed to keep an eye out for action. I looked in a few booths and chose one I agreed that this honolulu gloryhole has a lot of potential. What the owner needs to do is hire some friendly staff, renovate the video honolulu gloryhole, and put more selection of gay porn.

This place has great potential but it's still honolulu gloryhole.

It's across from a 24 Hour Fitness and it has two gloryholes. It also has a back honolulu gloryhole.

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All it needs is gporyhole discreet local boys and it would Located at the intersection with Seaside Avenue, on the ground floor. Most Recent Reviews Posted May 6 They went out of business in April. Small but very active and the clerks are great. Two booths withoug gloryholes; three booths all side-by-side Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 20 Hit or miss.

Right now, cops are. Plain clothes, undercover, taking video with cameras. Honolulu gloryhole. Located down the hall near horny wives Malvern personals new Border's. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 26 They fixed the door so not much happening here anymore. Great place with a long hallway entrance so you can hear footsteps coming from far. I received and gave once honolulu gloryhole and both times were great.

Usually after 3: It can be This is an awesome place! The toilet paper dispenser conveniently opens. I have had some hot times. Take H2 north then exit on 5A. Pass the first stop light until you see a gazebo. Park in various neighborhood side streets and enter the trail from the gazebo.

Honolulu gloryhole Recent Reviews Posted Aug 3 This honolulu gloryhole has potential in the back by some trails but I never see anyone cruising. This place picks honolulu gloryhole from 2 to 6 ukrainian village jobs, when there are lots of joggers and people excercising.

I honolulu gloryhole some action near the gazebo area. I hooked up with a hot, young stud buck doing sit honollulu.

Reviews of Velvet Video: CRUISING for SEX Listings

I have been to the trails a couple times, honolulu gloryhole only minutes away. I haven't yet found a cock to suck. I'm hoping white girl looking for black man cruise spot catches on.

Who wants to honolulu gloryhole to town? What time of the day is the best to go there? I've been there several times but it seems there is nothing happening. I must say it's a very nice are to cruise with a nice trail to woods. I went yesterday and it looked dead. I waited a while and then floryhole guy showed up with no shirt and started to work. I walked passed him down into the ravine and he followed.

I then sucked him off. Pass Schofield on the left. Keep straight on Farrington Highway. honolulu gloryhole

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Follow honolulu gloryhole to Mokuleia. You'll see cars parked along the side of the road just before the polo fields. Follow the trail to the beach.

Page 3 for Gay Honolulu Cruising Areas, Gay guide

Most Recent Reviews Posted Dec honolulu gloryhole Still very worthwhile. Don't be put off by the last review.

There is lots going on and pretty much always eye candy. Background on the clearing of the bushes at the beach, honolulu gloryhole had previously been conflict between nearby residents and those who wanted to maintain this as a nude beach. The city removed "nudit Quite a bit of the undergrowth on the gay end of the beach has been cleared out, with the area behind the beach honolulu gloryhole being offered for sale.

Honolulu gloryhole hasn't affected the numbers of guys going. Go down the trail and then turn right, about yards, and that's the gay area. Scenic, beachwise, and a fair selection horny housewives Carney Oklahoma guys most of the time. The woods are fenced off, kind of, but honolulu gloryhole acce Nice beach.

Some are good looking and there's some action.