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Lol (:D) I'm not a subscriber, but there's something special about you Friwnds sent you a wink, but couldn't send friends of bill, so I thought (A message in a bottle in the dark. Hit me up.

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Someone who friends of bill a member of Alcoholics Anonymous AA and abstaines from the consumption friendw primarily alcohol and to some to abstain from any mind of mood altering substance including alcohol. Bill W. Would you like a glass of wine? No thanksI'm a friend of Bill's.

Friend Of Bill unknown. Archaic s slang for a liberal celebrity friends of bill a personal connection to former President Bill and current Senator Hillary Clinton. Examples include Barbra StreisandCarly Simon, and a good number of other well-known Hollywood types.

friends of bill A member bbill Alcoholics Anonymous AAand therefore usually a recovering alcoholic. Derived from the name of Bill Wilson Bill W. If you are at an airport and have a temptation to head to one of the bars, instead have "Bill W.

Twat Spaffing Naturday The Consequences of Alcoholism: Because we were painstaking during the insanity of our drinking, we were emotionally bankrupt before we were half way. Alcohol, the magic elixir, gave friends of bill a new freedom and a new happiness. We didn't regret the past nor wish to shut the door friends of bill it until the morning.

We comprehended the word, incomprehensible demoralization and knew friends of bill hell. No matter how far down the scale we had gone, our experiences were always the fault of. That feeling of uselessness and self-pity were a constant reminder we needed another drink.