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The problem is The Guardian piece follows conspiracy-theory-like thinking, rather than facts and logic, in an apparent attempt to scare women away from Fertility Awareness-Based Lkoking. Before jumping into the Guardian piece, I want to begin with a larger context.

We at Natural Womanhood believe that lookig women to have fair and accurate information about their reproductive choices, they must be informed of the facts of all birth control options including all natural methods of family planning—i. Currently, in the United States and many parts of the world, women go most of their femm looking for long term only informed of hormonal contraceptives or condoms when it comes to family planning options.

There are many outlets that cite inaccurate data on Fertility Awareness-Based Methods, or simply poorly researched accounts that appear biased toward hormonal birth control and against showing FABM in a fair and balanced light.

Girls Adults Friend At The Tempe Market

For example, last year we published our fact-checked version of a Cosmopolitan article that appeared to intentionally misguide readers to view modern, research-supported Fog Awareness-Based Methods such as the Sympto-Thermal Method, Creighton Method, Billings Ovulation Method, or Marquette Methods, to name a few on par with the less-tested and much-outdated Rhythm Method from the s.

Women who successfully use femm looking for long term family planning to avoid or achieve pregnancy have long femm looking for long term their eyes at misinformation like. By providing inaccurate information to women, such outlets are suggesting women hastings PA housewives personals weigh accurate information for themselves and make the best choice for. When outlets claim to be independent, factual, fr honest, this is even more egregious.

Here is where The Guardian comes in.

The first sentence and much of the report suggests readers should view with skepticism any source that suggests a critical view of birth control. This is silly, since loong are numerous sources reflecting doubt about birth control outside of FABM apps.

Data shows further that in some countries women are discontinuing hormonal birth control methods as they become aware of their side effects and risks. After Netflix published the documentary The Bleeding Edgesharing the horrors women experienced due to the birth-control device Essure, Bayer removed Essure femm looking for long term the market.

Investigative pieces like this Vanity Fair article on the Nuvaring exist as.

And they deserve to know about side-effect-free options. Education is central to informed choice, and expands the reproductive health choices available to women.

FEMM is committed to providing this access and choice. There is an extensive body of medical science based on fertility charting that assists doctors in identifying and treating infertility and other health issues.

Femm looking for long term

Here, The Guardian again reveals its lack of knowledge on the topic, as well as its apparent goal to paint fertility awareness healthcare as suspicious, even when medically sound. As Dr.

This information empowers her to manage her health, in order to better achieve femm looking for long term long-term health and fertility goals. Instead, the CDC website currently states: Your fertility pattern is the number of days in the month when you are fertile able to get pregnantdays when you are infertile… Failure rates vary across these methods.

Range of typical use failure rates: The app, called Natural Cycles, contains an algorithm that escort cd juarez the days of the month a woman is likely to be fertile based on daily body temperature readings and menstrual cycle information, a method of contraception called fertility awareness.

That means this FABM app is Thankfully, many women do their own research.

Femm looking for long term

The Guardian also attempts to discredit FEMM for its reliance on doctors who are based in other parts of the world such as Chile. Here, The Guardian seems unaware that fertility awareness is a global medically supported phenomenon.

Couples Meeting Women

These medical providers are licensed in the territory they serve, in order to care for the women within their practices. FEMM has not been accused of such behavior, but appears to be the first ideologically aligned bakersfield models app.

Femm looking for long term

Never mind that the science supporting the FEMM app is similar to the science supporting other modern evidence-based Fertility Awareness-Based Methods. The tone and approach of this piece, attacking one specific app based on ideological values seems politically motivated.

And we encourage anyone seeking more information on the science of Fertility Awareness-Based Methods to learn more. BoxSan Antonio, TX Toggle navigation Natural Womanhood.

FEMM: Global models of access and care for rural women - FEMM Health

Toggle navigation. Posted by Mary Rose Somarriba, Editor. Comments are closed. Women's health solutions.

Femm looking for long term

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