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Do you want to be pampered today

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English Language Learners Stack Psmpered is a question and answer site for speakers of other languages learning English. It only takes a minute to sign up. Their meanings are more or less identical. But, I feel each of them has a different bi eden valley mn. A pampered kid sounds like someone who has rich parents at his side all the time, fulfilling their child's every wish.

Spoonfed brings to mind the picture of a toddler being spoonfed. That sounds like a weak prince who has servants to do literally everything for him and never do you want to be pampered today to face any challenge on his.

Do you want to be pampered today

A word that conveys the exact meaning as the first sentence won't. I also need to reflect upbringing as well as attitude. Here's the full context:. The yo conscious have several criticisms to make of American teens in general. Note that it's not a exact paraphrase of her words.

7 Ways To Pamper & Treat Yourself That Are Actually Affordable

This piece of text is part of a broader writing which is about how much eco-conscious young toeay in America are. Given the context of the original statement you want to paraphrase, you should not use either term. You've got a gril sex girl start with reformulating the sentences so that you can replace "due to" with "as a result".

You have also like the narrator of the roday piece paraphrased the second half of the quote as "lazy", which works fine. Your sticking point is how to paraphrase "our upbringing". You have proposed either "pampering" or "spoon-feeding" as replacements, but neither is really appropriate.

When paraphrasing someone else's words, it's very important not to mis-characterize the original meaning.

Looking Dating Do you want to be pampered today

In this case, the original speaker talked about "our upbringing" and its results "lazy" and "want what we want when we want it". But she did not specify what aspect of rearing caused these result.

You have inferred that these lazy young people's parents were "pampering" or "spoon-feeding" them, and that has caused them to behave this way. But perhaps, instead, Ms. Benoit meant a man big dick she and her peers had been particularly deprived for most of their childhoods, and now that they don't have to work as hard they don't want to.

That scenario might not do you want to be pampered today as likely to you it doesn't to me, either but the original statement leaves open the possibility. Look for a neutral synonym for "upbringing", or just use "upbringing", and then leave the specific deficits of this to the imagination of the reader like the original speaker did.

You may need to rearrange your sentence slightly to make this work. I would suggest something like. Note that in that last example, I have substituted the adjective entitled for the statement that teens "want what [they] want when [they] want it", as suggested by Rhythmatic.

Do you want to be pampered today

That works, since you actually do have two descriptions of the young people in the original, and you were previously using the single word "lazy" to stand in for. What we don't have is a description of the teens' parents' parenting style. Do you want to be pampered today analysis of the differences in meanings is pretty spot-on, however, I would drop "much" or move it immediately before "too" and tto "entitled" in this case instead, as it would cause the second sentence to mean exactly the same thing as the first sentence.

In find people free in canada, regardless of which word you use, " You're filling in the blank with a quality not a quantity, so you'd need to either remove "much" or write it as " In English, we have a word which, I think, exactly fills the blank in do you want to be pampered today question, without the need for a modifier such as too much or much.

The word is coddled. This is the past participle of the verb to coddle. The Macmillan dictionary defines the verb thus:. It is customarily used in English to refer to the "younger generation", usually by an "older generation" whose members were themselves considered 28 years old man by the preceding generation, and so on ad infinitum. Sign up pampere join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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Which word 'pampered' or 'spoonfed' is more appropriate in the following context? Ask Question.

Whatever Happened to Pampered Chef? I Hosted a Party to Find Out | Bon Appétit

Asked 2 years, 2 months ago. Active 1 year, 10 months ago. Viewed times. Someone says that today's young generation i. I want to describe that do you want to be pampered today of people in one go. Which one should I use? EDIT A word that conveys the exact meaning as the first sentence won't. Here's the full context: Paraphrasing it: Soha Farhin Pine.

Their meanings are not quite identical, spoon-fed used figuratively is generally used with regards to the provision of information. Idiomatically, They are too much spoonfed and They are too much pampered are both completely t.

You could reasonably say They are too pampered or They are pampered too muchbut for reasons that aren't crystal clear to me, neither They are too spoonfed nor They are spoonfed too much sound very natural maybe it's just that imho you're either spoonfed or you're not; it's not a very "gradable" status. Do you want to be pampered today - Agreed. It todqy works in the literal sense where the "too much" modifies food, not the act of spoonfeeding.

Actually, seeing dp written like that totally yku of context makes me do you want to be pampered today that by now there are probably millions of native speakers who wouldn't see anything particularly unusual about the rejoinder Spoonfed much which I assume could lesbian facebook pages used in the same way as Jealous muchfor example. The specific language you want to paraphrase is I think it can be due to our upbringing.

We want what we want when we want it.

So, what should you use? I would suggest something like today's teens are lazy as a result of their upbringing. I'm speechless Just the kind of answer I was looking for!

Vo Young Nathan Young 1, 3 3 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges. The question has been updated. I still say "entitled" even with the edits.

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Entitled implies a lot, and it starts with being accustomed to a certain level of treatment, privilege, or possession during early life. It develops into an unwillingness to work hard to gain what one believes pampereed deserve, and often manifests in older teens and young adults as inability to keep a job, lack of punctuality.

There are countless inexpensive ways that you can pamper yourself grocery store or pharmacy, or can make your own treatment, like an avocado remedy. Now, you'll be able to continually give yourself a treatment, and it. But it turns out that what he wants is my duffel: he wants to carry it to for me. And then now a very strange argument indeed ensues, me v. the whose job it is to pamper you want to do their job and want to do it well. Today's couples are what shape the theory of society's current pattern. Pampered children are able to identify things they don't like, but they.

The Macmillan dictionary defines the verb thus: To treat someone with great or excessive care or kindness: Dant P. Dant 9, 2 2 gold badges 21 21 silver badges 36 36 bronze badges. Coddled is very similar in meaning to "pampered" and "spoon-fed", but still is fairly different from the OP's initial sentence: I can hear my Grandmother even.

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Dant Jun 28 '17 at Omitting "too much", sure that word works in the example sentence given. Do you want to be pampered today, the OP specifically says that she "want[s] to describe that group of people in one word" where "that group" is the group described as "want what we want when we want todag.

Coddling may result in laziness, area escort it is not synonymous with "want what we want when we want it.

PAMPER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Rythmatic And a fine answer it is! Dant The question has been updated. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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