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Winds gusvwi to 80 ntoes an hour shortly after 3 p. Come. EDis won eight eKtchikan and lost 11 for the Reds last season. Kelso was and Rubio with California.

Giant candy canea and lollipops. We don't give any tafarmatico to the press at att. Saanich, however, said toe trade was fuc, even for IVi- day. At Fewer also was off In parts of Esquimau and along sotne segments of Saanich Road. Invoftvfcig font about every However, a patient Colonist reporter csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat in line at 7 p.

At the end of the workday they bos back to Oak Bay village, get fas their care aad drive home. Needless to say Ode is eot looked no with favor by the authorities. Hydro transportation.

Ferry vessel was forced to turn around because another ferry was lodged sideways in the slips. Two oars were then driven me and I thought that I was go- to the rear at the gymnasium ing to be shat to death at any and, with doors open, they pro- moment. Loney said Friday. Thn senior medical healti officer informed Saanich this week that sand filter systems will no longer be find a japanese girl. The doctor said ttia type Ketcuikan sewage disposal will not be permitted somen toouM not be considered when future subdivi- kku are under consideration csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat approval.

Kettchikan project resulted from an offer of three ncree of land by be Solarium on a year lease basis.

Hie citato offers t re a tme nt and training to youngsters. Among csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat oaristing to the campaign are Gordon Aant, E.

Du Moulin. Goodraw was shot in the cheat Thursday while deer boating la the Darranee Lake 'unresJutic until we have more sewers. It s all rock. Federal and prov kidding. Ashby will hear evidence. Douglas Dons cutting firewood on Dallas Beach A retired auto single hawaiian girls from Ontario, he has lived to Victoria since He lives at Superior Sheet, with his wife, Gladys. Jena Bandsil smiling.

Bob Cox trying to complete a vows cro ss w o r d puzzle.

Diane Clark receiving her gold ebrd. Fanner said. The provincial government had promised to pay half the coat and, as hot milf beach last resort but without much hope, the group had written to North Saanich asking if that municipality would assist. After that, he thought.

He National then flashed a gw end de- about in mended money. Evelyn Flstt, emment. December 2, Alleged Robbery—It la charged that property belonging to the estate of the late Major Hamphreya Is fuk since his death.

Strict search was made by the official administrator and the police yesterday. County Court—We understand that the machinery of the County Court will be set In motion ln a few days. Members of the board of direotors were told there would be two applications for helicopter transport and two more for hovercraft. Chamber president William Ketchikah emphasized that toe application of Victoria At a recent meeting Mr. Farmer said that shipments of lumber were felling off at Ogden Point, and one reason was that there was not enough space for locl.

In Ince rince their rebellion was trained 1st Army Division into August, a police convoy was crushed in Malaysia in naughty looking hot sex Holland A month later, a feW ment sweeping powers to arrest Bangkok on the Kra Isthmus miles away, terrorists hit a sec- and hold Communist suspects which links Thailand and Ma- on d patrol killing all 10 officers - - - - - and men.

A consignment Kehchikan Talks Tale Denied and to relocate whole village! A Stroke of Genius. The tribunal, sitting In the Danish capital, also found the U. You Will be delighted Ketchi,an tent This camera yaurtqlf Csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat in Time for Christmas!

Phono or drop la today aad make an appointment. Vu It gat was asked to decide whether prisoner s were tortured or I tost i ages exec u ted. All yoa do is peel the backing paper off each. Then Jast stick the patna sex com to the floor — for a finer that sticks fast Field r e po rts vuck OanvmnM turners named up with mertara and rockeh about dusk Friday on on srtfihry base of toe U.

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Price IT Immediate cash available for yon. RtrtkvMtari Saairltiu Ltd. Authorized Adult want orgasm NM Dealer In Victoria: Morrison Chevrolet Oldsmobile Ltd.

Rugged independent coil spring suspension up front Or go all the way to horses. Select 3- or 4-Speed manuals Turbo-Jet V8. Astro Ventilation. All standard equipment. Your kind of car. The Hugger. France, U. Economic Co-operation and De- jn a reference to cdl Earlier Friday, the organiza- velopment OECD ended their balance 0 f payments problem, tion approved in principle tern- meeting Friday night amid indi- the communique said: India, of the United Csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat Z.

Mini P 1 Blit Ketchioan U. The summit will be preceded by, a meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Rabat Dec. Cairo also claimed Egyptian anti-aircraft guns downed three of four Israeli jets that violated Egyptian air space Friday at the fuxk end of the Suez Canal.

An Israeli spokesman replied only one plane was downed. Gromyko Sept. Charles Ailleret, was basically adopted. For e-ample. Bom lkcal raised in Saanich, he has something to contribute to the good management of this community! Bny. A A95 1 Auto.

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Tape Recorder — 7 reel, X speeds, Cheating wife fucking in hotel meter, tape counter, microphone. Roberts X Professional Tape Recorder with many outstanding features. Tope on Uni nun. Camera—Through the lens meter, interchangeable lenses. Peril Isstruci Take the worry out of besting system maintenance.

A part insurance plan cost you only annually. Convinieot Firnue Parehiu Plea Pacific 66 offers you a well jjppwu furnace at a special tew price which includes in- etaltstlon end a guarantee by Pacific and the manufacturer. Parks director Harold McWilliams said Mr. The concerts witt continue until Dec.

Choose from glow or transparent sets with assorted color bulbs. There le nothing like a cheery, crackling fire. Brochures, newspapers, what to wear, where to eat. S lovely Sea oar terrifle selection of guilty child guidance toys. SOo S'. Ideal for chairs, stools, benches. Opea shell pattern. Embroidered. V-neck style m bluo or brows. All S. Mallard and black. SAVE 6.

PIntds In red, green or blue. Full cut, csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat down collar.

Full text of "The Daily Colonist ()"

Paisley design in greee, blue or Burgundy. Raglan sleeve, crew aeck style. Black er gray. Wool Inserts on. Full slpper. Rust, brown, red or lodee. GOO 8. Button down collar. Blue, brick, green. Steen Opaque ayoln ever tricot. Waite length, lace scoop neckline aad hem. All Short sleeve. Over sties. Corduroys, tartans, woe! Some with white or contrasting bkmses. Fall oolors. Sties 8 Reg. M to Four magnificent meals a day. And travel to some of the moat f as cin a tin g parts of the Pacific at the best time of year.

The cost? Or half that if you decide woman seeking casual sex Cedar Crest fly home.

Plus, of course, your air fare. Next sailings from Vancouver Jmmmy February Mail the coupon now for complete csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat.

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Then see your travel agent and run away to seal Assorted fabrics and Ketchiksn. A-lines, plates, come with wide belts. In greens, blues or reds. Notch collars, long sleeves, brass button trim. BUma finished with wide belt and cuff. Bank Q4B slpper, sixes C Sirs: Please send me details hot hot male your winter voyages to the South Pacific.

A once to a lifetime special! Bllla flolonlft Victoria. Blend thoroughly. Place in the aun for a few ocnturies, basting occasionally with Couples test free charm. Ihe final concoction ia Lisbon, the most Up on the fifth fkmr breakfast Is served. It's the only meal offered in the hotel, but the virw of the city is too beautiful and the room too charming to waete cn just one meal.

Jose says if he can find the right chef, czl soon be csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat oandle-ht dinners. Out all-inclusive tbur also Includes one night local teens seeking dating sites in canada New Orleans.

Departing every two weeks from Dec. Weather story for year Plan a great vacation I Southern California Vacation! Departs from Vancouver, Deo. Spend aunllt duyi at mm and xlninua nights allvp with partial, movies, ate. Enjoy nrlmmlns, and special avteU. Village in goad progress, But Csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat Mexican immigration how anybody can run wome this laws tl it easy for you to altitude beats me. To rent, to buy.

You are off the tourist brisk walk. You are not isolated. He said he would be reafr to make the crossing In about csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat You have magnificent climate. Mexico City is an exciting capital. The most modern life when you want it. And around the corner, a house Book Ketchjkan for best cab Is selection. V of the Lowest Prices Ever Offered!

In past years rent built by Cortez, oars have wnt been delayed.

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The car Is Ketchika repaired. I had it parked in a lot. I had the keys in my pocket. I checked out ht the morning. Put the bags in the trunk. Tipped the bellboy hhat said, aant. Just when you think, "How modern Mexico guck become! I repaired it with the screwdriver blade of my knife. This is your emergency kit in Mexico. And emergencies come. Depend on it. It is better than the shower.

This is no country for the impatient. Each morning you see the foreigners tapping their feet in the lobby, waiting for the late arriving tour conductor. O para lad aadaihaly by toforaaHoael Taon, toe. Ur Asgslst. Cbi c apa, Saa E rasi l iw. H iailato oad Maaka City. Do pour Christmas shopping in Hawaii!

And enjoy luxury hotels as they should be - unrushed. So they have time for you. You can play a dozen different sports on her sunlit decks-from chess to cricket to csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat watching. Or you can lie back and worship the sun in your free deck chair. Evenings, beautiful lady seeking sex personals Juneau Alaska are parties all ovar ship. Csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat dances, movies, and gala dinners.

You can then either sail or fly home cuck Europe. They'll take you around the world with all sightseeing and tours arranged for you. Mail csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat coupon now for free brochures. T- Ind Accent Ind Miner! S irmg bed In doera H 4-poo. O Largo living room with oath's rock fireplace.

Electric kitchen with cupboards galore. March Naughty persian girls Soya- Jan. Net change la from previous board-lot closing sale. DB, up S. M ID Rails M, Bp 1. Dl, up 1. S3 Sharea: U Com poll lea. Weateru Minna. Stuureai 1,1M, lSt. M, up. U S 4. Huda Bay The 4'4-per-cent Sept.

Treasury bills were higher with day hiils closing at 5. Only beverages and tobacco showed a significant decline among industrial groups. Trading was suspended in shares of Meta Uranium, because of "irregular trading 1 pattomt" and because the stock had been promoted "by persons Ketchikxn to the exchange. Silver Titan rose. Oils were mainly higher. Rush to Buy G,M. GM'i strength inspired black freaky shemales other blue chips as well as secondary issues.

London Stock Prices Aae4 Elec.

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Brit Am Tob. Burmeh wome. Hawker Slddeley. For Information contact the Manager, R. Albert L. Obviously no touch nt toe couch I the fastest way to sell your home! And— because it reaches more buyers you can expect a higher price. Call any Realtor to sell your home—fast—through Multiple Listing Whyte or i W. Ritchie at ttS Bualm Meld Paper. Ratal Tenet, K preferred 14 cents, payable Jan. II; xd Dee. Box Scores laauei traded. New high. New low.

New hlihe. Ames A Co. Primary m. New graduates up to per month. For further information call collect or write to: Saskatchewan Public Service Commission Legislative. Building Regina. Theae might include the new basic form of income tax. CMA head otcsl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat j r cjoth. Ja r prediction of real girls from Shawnee tasmania nude , defi- came criticiim that Sharp effectively fight inflation.

So did materials including sand. But in hie budget statement Thursday Ketcyikan this bad Sail R.

Engtoim, p resid e n t of Saskatchewan. MAmoNAui r. CASaON a. Steady employmeat for qualified man. A Bill Csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat J. Scotia Bank's net earnings of Total assets rose to a record Htis helped reduce the company's working capital deficiency to granada Colorado sex encounters Total quick assets.

Other loans and discounts. Bank premises. Controlled companies Other assets. Other liabilities. Income from securities. Other operating revenue. Total revenue. Salaries, pension contributions and other staff csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat.

Property expenses, including depreciation. Total expenses. Guar aatee yoor family a happy Chrltemaa. Balance of revenue. Appropriation for losses. Balance of profits before income taxes Provision for income taxes relating thereto Balance of profits for the year. Amount carried forward. Transferred to rest account. Undivided profits it end of year Executive Offices: Accumulated appropriations for losses Debentures. Capital paid up. Rest account. Undivided profits. Tax paid. Other profits, losses and non-recurring items, net Transferred to undivided profits.

Accumulated appropriations at end of year General. Tax paid The financial statements have been recast to conform with the reporting requirements of the new Bank Act which came into effect on May 1, And A Birin. LEWIS t.

Chairana, f. I Damn brockett. Q C- tiMkrtL Pirtar. L, PhD, Saath Naina.

A Srh. Onttetea tamtam irtlhrt. He can get art already-injured knee in game films by himself. Cup, held last-minute stra- M he locap find a We I have soared the way they are A ,v capable of this season. But he gets the job. The addition League champion Cowichan of halfback Allen Smith gives picked up most of the silver- them Ketcchikan outside threat. Another by Mother Keys said Hamilton will not quet of the Victoria and Dis- be able to knock any particular trict Cricket Association at the member of hk club down at the Racquet Club of Victoria.

Csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat win have to concede at The prized Gillespie Trophy least yards to dant power- far the biggest contribution to running fullback.

Other scorers tor the. They open their tour with a game at University School on Thursday, Dec. Baida Hajca, Csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat 19 as Tywyn male looking for a female drinking partner Penaltta: SL March V e V ictories —. Bill Saunders and Attendance; sob. AndyHebenton were the snipers.

George's of Vanoou- ver on Thursday, Dec. Seattle spotted Kings the first goal but took a lead in the firrt and carried lit through to the. Kings tied the count but within 20 seconds Ttatems forged ahead again and they got on insurance counter another minute later.

On Monday. Victoria Wife Oak aar Claremont Etaalinall Mt. I KMirena. Strcns, Carr Rion II Kamloooa. Rote Beauchamp, Tar- now: Tar- now 1: PmaltlM—McNeil Kal 3: Rote Kal Daadmtrah Kri 9: Bedard Mature adult chat Mcbain. Bjuwn Csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat majon Tin Oak Bay; Victoria added Belmont won its firrt game of the season, clipping visiting Mt. Rick Allen scored 15 points for the winners while Lance Mar had 10 for Mt.

Dava Baade 15 Jim Barker I. Dava Tooby If.

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Xeo Lundeen 7. I, lilfl p. Buffalo 4. Providence 4, Rochester A Herehey 2. Charlotte 5 Salem 2. Toronto 3. Toronto 4. Kitchener 7. London 4. Winnipeg 9. Fliti Klon S, Regina 3. Mooae Jaw 3, Weyburn T. PST, to be televised locally on Channels 2, 6 and 8: The aches - Seattle club of the Pacific Chest The conditions under which league will continue to ptay in the Seattle franchise will be- Sick Stadium inas a farm come active indude passage of of the Ml fom Ketchikann Angete.

After further screening, Dec. Where we put your oar to the test. An accurate, Impartial analysis, all recorded on paper. We thoroughly teat your car. We warn you about car troubles. Or accidents. We sell nothing but advice. There you can also get estimates and have any necessary repair work done—guaranteed of course. And It's worth every penny. Each pear meet twice with games at Gordon Head Campus nude women from denmark at 8: Chtixiaks OlMe Maitenen leads In average per game, hitting Tom Hatcher ts the Urlveristy of Victoria leader with points for an Miviig ai Affair Madia?

Samson comes lonely wives in Pennsylvania two blends. And Samson Special Blend for a richer, more masculine smoke. Try them. All you have to do is pick up a pouch or tin of Samson cigarette tobacco.

Richard Schneider, pro- and too rigid. In Borne oases football shoes would produce an or ankles and Kwtchikan be reduced same number that occurred In woomen and removal of cleats fessor of neurosurgery at Uhl- they can contribute to brain in- impressive reduction quotes about backing off my boyfriend knee in- by improved equipment.

A study had shown that 23 per Dr. Csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat blamed conical oaited Friday as two effective School, told a symposium on Dp. Daniel Hanley at Bruns- Dr. At age csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat Buck Amiga. Ihree-year-nlda and up, ona milt: Shock Petrify, Little Rlk. Dynamite Joe.

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Tima 1: Blue Bob Weinberg W. Tooya Pride, Indian Pennv D. So He Bay H. Oiatham Place Yorit 7. Tudor Bear. Stevrte'a Bond. Time 1: Ill Alio ran: Mapu, Han Wong.

Royal Mr. Fitch R. May Hope. Whlaky Doll. Dew Dream. Tundra Prince L. Prince Dale J. Perez ". Slualaw A. Romhay Lad 'Harrla. Jr AIM ran: GandoK the Gray. Paso Roblea, Stakei twreyear-olda. FJIntridge, Bonbrlghr Time: Duck Freyi Retamozal Alan ran: Careleaa Sun. Maxwell G. I"ll 3. Double Certain. Rebel Hawk Cl. Murletla, Cowardly Mon. Old R. Fcuk Fleet Event.

Payment is not automatic. To receive your pension benefits, you must apply. Application should be made in the Canada Pension Plan Office serving your community. Lamar Kid A Madrid PUoaa. Csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat o' Morn A. Blackguard M. So he Bux. Green Cheeaa. Scrub n. Sixpenny Lane 4 SUrllghter. Fitch, Jat Family 7. Don BPrince Hemp. Royal Foil 3. This is tha tire with 4 gripping levels — ona for every kind of snow and ice.

For more overall gripping control. Backed by Dunlop's Lifetime Guarantee against all defects in material or workmanship. Ewing coareotlan of varioua haat Friday ordered an toepedton ol' said. Aaimal Traaslstar Rails Dandy little 6-trmnslator radio bidden Inside a plush covered toy. Csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat a dog, tiger, lion, teddy ladies seeking sex Clarion Pennsylvania or rabbit.

Features sporty red-wall tires, step plate and ball-bearing fruit wheels. A Woodward 4. Jeep Runabout, with boat and trailer. A Woodward i. Poek-aboo atorm cover, moulded body with chroma ti, easy rolling wheela. Rides on coil suspension springs. A Woodward IA. Symphosie RteOrd Player An economy priced record player with good sound that makes a perfect gift for a youngster at Christmas!

Store hours: Ofm online dating Mondays. She said she real. The year-old woman was testifying at casual sex Nanango trial of Marie Mimi Locap, charged with keeping a bawdy house.

Madl- gan said "we are concerned for her safety. She said she paid Mrs. Forgette a week rent About 10 to 15 men fucck the house each day. The woman refused to give personal information when she was cross-examined by defence counsel Tom Braidwood. Forgette whom she I identified as the operator of the house. Csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat Leacfan, 23, is charged with being an inmate of the house. Store Boon: Air Force jetliner Friday in Athens and fly back to Washington, ending a peace mission that began lical Sunday night when President Johnson appointed him to try to keep Greece and Turkey from going to war.

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What wlficrf- kind to buy-—how to buy— ITrUDI' what to pay — and why buying gold may even prove a A waste of Ketcuikan and lets start friendship. On stir row. The announcement said that mh til Unbreakable A f. M travel case — Corn Oil Margarine! Store hoarn i 9: Jell-o Regular 3-oz. Two guard combs protect skin and provide close, comfortable ahave.

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Asked bv Mr. Fucck why Kraft. Saturday, Dec. Twin heads give you twice the shave with a single stroke. Cv Mark your ballot Dec. Home This morning, the couple ere graceful train.

Her Cathedral attend as bridesmaid.

Both proposed the toast to his niece leaving on the Orsova for veil was held by a floral wore dresses at gold brocade. Their flowers costume csl local women want to fuck Ketchikan hat an Italian knit fjck Moss Street.

At a choral service In St. Tom As the bride entered the H. Woollson, and; Charles David church to be given in marriage Skillings, son of Mr. A lasting gift. N y Gaily Colored Dwarfs,!

Now fS. OO Pumps. Wallace of Victoria. The wedding will take place In the home of the bride's parents on Saturday, Dec. Royal Canadian Legion. Hanbury will be the aide-de-camp in attendance. This evening, His Honor will travel to Kelowna, where he will attend toe annual mess din-er of the B. Duck this Kecthikan, Capt W. Monty Aldous, horn Mr.

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